i only get out of bed because i know its what naruto would want me to do


i feel like i don’t need my spine. it’s holding me back.


Glass House Rocks, New South Wales, Australia
Sea Mist and Smoke by WildWassa 

you say mastermind naegg???
I m on hte way 


Drink water everyday and don’t let boys be mean to you



hope everyone can repost this
i’m really afraid Taiwan will become next HongKong
become China’s part
become no free’s country
CNN i report » Link
March 23, Taipei, Taiwan Ma’s administration earlier started using police violence to crack down peaceful protest in front of Legislative Yuan and Executive Yuan against Ma’s autocratic approach of passing a treaty with China. Hundreds of young students are now in danger and life threats. Ma is now no different from the autocracy in Beijing, by beating the students with sticks & make them bleed. The democracy in Taiwan is collapsing, if the event ultimately evolved to become the June-4 event of Tiananmen Square in Taipei.


From the comments section:

Many thanks to Reuters for covering the unfolding protests in Taiwan. However, the reporter’s brief summary of Taiwan’s history vis-a-vis China is highly misleading: ‘Taiwan and China have been ruled separately since the Communists took power on the mainland in 1949, though relations have warmed considerably since the China-friendly Ma won the presidency in 2008 and secured re-election in 2012.’

In fact, Taiwan and China have been ruled separately for most of the last four hundred years. Prior to that Taiwan was a free island without dynastic or state governance. Parts of it were colonized by the Dutch and Spanish in the 17th century, and even the French had a toehold in the 19th. Supporters of the Ming and Qing dynasties also fought each other, the aboriginal inhabitants, and Europeans for control over portions of the island. For more than fifty years, from the end of the nineteenth century to the end of World War II, Taiwan was a Japanese colony.

The idea that the post-1949 era is an aberration (with Taiwan ‘breaking away’ from an inviolate, unchanging entity known as ‘China’), instead of another period of continued evolution in the island’s status, is to buy into a myth, one that is in the current Chinese government’s interest to promote.


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